1. Clariden offers across all grade levels content time (these are core subjects – Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science). During content time students are given lessons on certain concepts and then given practice problems or work that re-enforces the concepts/skills taught. Skills taught by grade level are directly tied to the Texas Essential Knowledge Skills (TEKS).

2. Clariden also offers project time. Project is not an “add on” as is the case in a lot of schools, but rather an integrated part of our students’ learning experience. Project is a period of time designated to the current project being worked on. Project happens each school day and is designed to re-enforce concepts that are directly tied to the Texas Essential Knowledge Skills (TEKS). Project time also allows for collaboration, critical analysis, creativity and practice in learning good oral and written communication skills.

3. Clariden’s goal is to teach students skills and allow for them to apply those skills through project. As active learners, the knowledge deemed valuable to us and retained is the knowledge we can apply. Being that Clariden students are actively engaged in their learning environment, their intellectual abilities are continually reinforced, as knowledge is not just being memorized – it’s being applied. This creates mastery of skills.

4. Clariden values the Arts. We value and have a deep understanding of the numerous benefits for our students when they attend Art, Design, Music, Writer’s Workshop and PE. Due to budget constraints, a significant number of public schools have had to cut way back on the amount of time their students get for the Arts. Clariden students get more time engaging in the Arts than their counterparts in public schools. Engaging in the Arts aids in creating a well-balanced brain.

5. When developing our projects, we not only align the projects to the Texas Essential Knowledge Skills, we align them top to bottom. In Cougar Prep, our students are introduced to the life cycle through projects such as the Worm project or the Frogs & Toads project, in the elementary levels life cycle projects are done as well but in more depth (such as the Tree of Life project and the Biomes project), this leads to our middle school students Life Science course that then leads to high school Biology. Across all content, projects are aligned – everything is connected. This again builds mastery of knowledge for our students.

6. Lastly, we covered the life skills we teach that aid our students in transitioning level to level. These skills include (as an example) teaching independence, good character and responsibility.

Clariden offers a well-rounded, award winning learning experience that promotes mastery of skills and application of knowledge. No wonder our students are so awesome – they have an awesome learning environment and awesome parents. Their village is strong!