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Project-Based Early Childhood

Clariden’s Early Childhood (EC) division is a place spent fostering a love of play, exploration, and learning. We understand that every child is unique and gifted in their own way and, therefore, work to develop the “whole child.” While Clariden offers a rigorous academic program, we also emphasize mental and physical health, relationships, and community.

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is the core of our teaching philosophy.  PBL allows our students to acquire a more profound knowledge and understanding of the world around them through active exploration of challenges and problems. At the end of each project, students present their discoveries and new-found knowledge to their parents and peers at our Presentation of Learnings (POLs), museum exhibitions, or gallery walks.

Early Childhood is where your child will be loved and cared for, make lifelong friends, and develop their identity as a learner, innovator, collaborator, and leader. We are thrilled you are considering Clariden for your child and cannot wait for you to join us!

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The EC Team

Clariden Staff Fall 2023 (19)

Anne Todd

Cougar Prep Educator & EC Lead
Clariden Staff Fall 2023 (56)

Francine Myers

Cougar Prep Educator
Clariden Staff Fall 2023 (50)

Aimee Lampke

Kindergarten Educator
Clariden Staff Fall 2023 (11)

Michelle Rist

Kindergarten Educator
The 2023-24 EC Curriculum form will be available in July.

Project-Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is the heart of the educational experience at Clariden.  Every grade, from preschool to Upper School, builds their academic year around four or more engaging, multi-disciplinary projects. The PBL projects are generated to rigorously address and exceed Texas Curriculum Standards, while incorporating student interests.  

Projects are driven by rich, real-world, and relevant research questions. The learning process simulates the way problems are solved in the workforce: through team effort, exploration, testing, and evidence-informed conclusions. Projects combine research, composition, public speaking, and presentation skills. Each project framework includes goals, methods, lessons, timeline and assessments.

The PBL Framework:
  • Driving Question
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Concepts Introduced
  • Technology Introduced
  • Vocabulary
  • Field Study
  • Presentation of Learning / Assessment
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Project Examples

Independent School Dallas TX | Private Early Childhood Near Me | Student Leading Class


Students take an exciting learning journey to the lands of Asian and African elephants! Students learn about body features, habitats, behaviors, and diet. Students explore elephant conservation efforts and create an art piece to raise funds to adopt an elephant from the World Wildlife Foundation. At the end of the project, students design an elephant habitat and showcase their work in a classroom museum exhibition.
Private Preschool Dallas TX | Independent School in Southlake TX | Student Bee Keeper


Students explore the importance of bees in our ecosystem. Students learn about the bee lifecycle, different roles and responsibilities in the hive, the process and impact of pollination, and how honey is made. Students take a trip to a local bee farm to meet an apiarist and learn proper beekeeping.