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Clariden’s Mission

We offer next-generation learning to a global community of independent thinkers by
igniting curiosity, encouraging innovation, and discovering genius.

The Clariden Difference

At the Clariden School, students have the freedom to learn. Clariden is a dynamic college-preparatory school that encourages children to take responsibility for their learning and challenge themselves to achieve ambitious goals.

In our innovative, empowering and joyful environment, learning at Clariden is fueled by curiosity, collaboration and exploration. Our intentionally small class sizes mean that students receive individual attention and are truly known. Within just a half hour of lively and diverse cities like Dallas, Fort Worth, and Arlington, our central location in Southlake, Texas enables us to provide our students with countless opportunities for field study and research.

Our community is infused with positive values. As a secular school that welcomes families of all faiths, we foster a safe environment of mutual respect free of political or social influences. An environment of mutual respect allows for a full and respectful exchange of ideas, teaching students to work productively with one another.

Clariden students are unbounded thinkers, constantly pushing to solve problems and grow as leaders. They are independent, self-motivated, confident, and prepared for their future learning.

Clariden Voices

As my husband and I focus on managing our company, it's crucial for us to ensure that our young children receive a whole-child, academic excellence, and individually tailored education, all within a year-round program and on the same campus. After thorough research, we discovered that The Clariden School, its dedicated staff, and Dr. Segraves (Head of School) share our core values, and meet all the essential criteria! We are so happy to see our children thriving at Clariden.

Anna I.

"When I came to The Clariden School after almost three decades in public education, I had no idea what to expect from an independent school. What I found was a community. A community based on nurture, excellence, and involvement. One that utilizes resources beyond the scope of the campus to engage the learner for a greater educational impact. I also found a group of teachers dedicated to their students and their families. Teachers that genuinely love learning and are impassioned with imparting their knowledge in unique ways to students. They each have something special to bring to the process, and it makes for an enriching experience. I found amazing students. Students whose curiosity motivates investigation and study. Students with a genuine desire to explore and deepen their understanding of not just academics but also citizenship and social responsibility. I found fabulous families dedicated to supporting their children, teachers, the Clariden community, and the school itself. Families that will go the extra mile to work seamlessly in their children's educational experiences. I found a beautiful place that I am proud to be a part of. Thank you, Clariden, for being here for all of us."

Julie R.

Clariden School (231)
"Choosing to teach at Clariden has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made—personally and professionally. The community is welcoming, talented, and deeply invested in the success of the student body. Despite moving from out of state, there hasn’t been a moment where Clariden didn’t feel like home. The school does a remarkable job of empowering educators to practice innovative and engaging pedagogies. Rather than being confined to prescribed curricula or tests, I have the intellectual freedom to design courses in ways that meet my students' needs and create lifelong commitments to learning. Clariden’s small class sizes have also allowed me to form meaningful relationships with students and provide them with resources that are often inaccessible in larger schools. I love being a teacher and I’d find joy teaching anywhere, but Clariden has provided me with the environment and support to reach my full potential as an educator. I wouldn’t trade that for anything."

Alex G.

Independent School Dallas TX | Best Private School DFW | Alexander Griffin, educator
“Clariden is comprised of wonderful students and teachers, individualized and challenging classes, and a caring administration. Here, I have made many amazing friends and had the opportunity to participate in countless unique classes and projects. Attending Clariden has been an amazing experience, and I could not feel more prepared for college.”

Andrusha H. ’22

“We knew before we even had our son that Clariden was the school for us. From the small class sizes with individualized attention and the very caring teachers and staff, to the fun project-based STEAM curriculum – our experience has been wonderful! The school makes you feel like you have joined one big family. There are many wonderful opportunities for parents to get involved, too! I have personally enjoyed being a room mom, helping with school productions, and volunteering at miscellaneous events like the book fair, field day, and the fall festival! We are very excited to watch our son learn, grow and thrive at this fantastic school!”

Amanda C.


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The Clariden School is accredited by the Texas Alliance of Accredited Private Schools (TAAPS) and a member of the Texas Private Schools Association (TPSA). The Clariden School is currently pursuing accreditation from the Independent Schools Association of the Southwest (ISAS).

  • Cougar Prep (PreK) 9:00 AM – 3:30 PM
  • K-12 8:15 AM – 3:30 PM
  • Cougar Prep         12
  • Kindergarten-1     15
  • Grades 2 & 3        16
  • Lower School       16
  • Middle School      16
  • Upper School       16

2023-24 enrollment totals 174 students.

  • Early Childhood (PreK-K) 46 students
  • Lower School (1-5) 73 students
  • Middle/Upper School (6-12) 55 students

Character education is an important facet of our classroom curriculum. Referred to as PRIDE, Clariden’s character education helps students understand, care about, and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, citizenship, and responsibility for oneself and others. By obtaining these core values, we may form the actions that are the hallmark of safe, healthy, and informed communities. Clariden PRIDE stands for:

  • Politeness – Thinking of others and considering their viewpoints before acting or speaking.
  • Respect – Treat others with kindness, empathy, and consideration.
  • Integrity – Act with honesty, own your mistakes, and do the right thing even when it is hard or no one is watching.
  • (Self-) Discipline – Be patient, with yourself and with others. Take control of your feelings and actions.
  • Embracing Opportunity – Try new things! Take the challenging road, follow a new path, and celebrate those that are brave enough to do the same.

Class of 2023


  • Composite: 24-35
    • English 20-35
    • Math 20-34
    • Reading 23-35
    • Science 21-36

SAT: 1180-1510

  • Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 600-750
  • Math: 550-780