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A message from our Lower School team

At Clariden, we believe every child is a thinker, dreamer, innovator, and leader. It takes the right educators with a strategic approach to academics to help students love to learn and feel empowered throughout their academic careers.

Clariden Lower School faculty prepares students for the academic rigor and opportunity awaiting in our Middle and Upper School communities. Our award-winning Project-Based Learning (PBL) environment promotes creativity and academic excellence. Students engage in various projects throughout the school year that meet and exceed state curriculum standards. Projects are enhanced through instruction from mentors, experts, field study, and travel. STEAM activities are also brought into the classroom daily through our classroom Makerspaces and specialized lessons.

Imagine a school wholeheartedly dedicated to creating a learning experience around each student’s unique needs and passions. That’s Clariden. Within intimate and dynamic classes, our faculty pushes students to realize the depth of what they’re truly capable of. We welcome you to explore the rest of the Lower School webpage and visit our beautiful campus to see, first-hand, the “Clariden Difference.”

The Lower School Team


Clariden Staff Fall 2023 (33)

Amy Bowman

First Grade Educator
Clariden Staff Fall 2023 (21)

Lana Mills

First Grade Educator
Clariden Staff Fall 2023 (73)

Sarah Yandow

Second Grade Educator
Clariden Staff Fall 2023 (107)

Kate Lindsey

Third Grade Educator
Clariden Staff Fall 2023 (36)

Elaine Gibson

Fourth Grade Educator
Clariden Staff Fall 2023 (42)

Christine Lowe

Fifth Grade Educator
The 2023-24 LS Curriculum form will be available in July.

Project-Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) is the heart of the educational experience at Clariden.  Every grade, from preschool to Upper School, builds their academic year around four or more engaging, multi-disciplinary projects. The PBL projects are generated to rigorously address and exceed Texas Curriculum Standards, while incorporating student interests.  

Projects are driven by rich, real-world, and relevant research questions. The learning process simulates the way problems are solved in the workforce: through team effort, exploration, testing, and evidence-informed conclusions. Projects combine research, composition, public speaking, and presentation skills. Each project framework includes goals, methods, lessons, timeline and assessments.

The PBL Framework:
  • Driving Question
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Concepts Introduced
  • Technology Introduced
  • Vocabulary
  • Field Study
  • Presentation of Learning / Assessment

Project Examples


``Life Cycle of a Chicken``

Students observe the incubation process of a chicken egg. Students learn about the life cycle of a chicken, chicken’s behaviors and characteristics, and factors impacting the incubation. Students learn to care for a chicken egg and chick. During the project, students participate in various STEAM challenges and science experiments and learn how to record data using graphing skills.
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``Happiest Project on Earth``

Students study Disney parks around the world. Students use the principles of physics and design to learn about ride engineering and theme park construction. At the end of the project, students travel to Disneyworld in Florida and work with Disney's Imagineers to learn about Disney rides and attractions and work to design their own roller coaster.