Field Study - The Clariden School

Travel Broadens the Mind

We believe that moving outside one’s normal environment provides rich educational experiences. It enables us to broaden our global perspectives, build new relationships, practice skills, and apply knowledge obtained in the classroom to the outside world. Travel builds independence, confidence, cooperation, curiosity, and adaptability. It teaches humility as we encounter the unknown and empathy as we reveal the common human condition. These are essential skills that contribute to the development of moral leaders and global citizens. All field study trips are optional and require parental approval. Field study programs follow the highest standard of our school safety guidelines and are attended and supervised by Clariden educators.

PreK – Kindergarten

Students in Cougar Prep through Kindergarten take field study day trips in the local DFW metroplex. These field study trips are intentionally aligned with their Project-Based Learning curriculum. Locations include but are not limited to museums, farms, fire stations, and nature centers.. Another important aspect of field study involves inviting subject matter experts to come to our campus to conduct presentations and demonstrations. These visits have included the mayor, doctors, emergency responders, scientists, authors, and artists.

Grade 1-3

As students progress through first, second and third grade, they continue visiting the DFW metroplex to conduct their field study. During these school years, the experiences become more robust and the subject matter experts are more elaborate and detailed. As with all field study, locations and experts are carefully selected to align with the Project-Based Learning curriculum and enrich classroom learning. Locations include but are not limited to museums, farms, aquariums, and nature centers. Students in these school years have the opportunity to meet with scientists, authors, university professors, and cultural experts.

Clariden at Disney 2016

Grade 4-5

In Grade 4-5, we continue the day trips but begin to introduce field study programs that are little farther away. We travel across the DFW metroplex and within the state. Every two years, students will take an out-of-state, multi-day field study trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. This trip culminates months of work on the students Imagineering project. Students visit Disney to research roller coasters, meet with Disney Imagineers, and take daily education classes that explore concepts such as motion and energy.

Grade 6-8

Middle School students continue field study trips are locally but have the opportunity to now travel within the country. Our involvement in rocketry, robotics, and Odyssey of the Mind competitions leads us to visit several U.S. states. Our Middle School students especially look forward to their annual trip to Florida to explore the Everglades and learn about ecosystems, and to  swim with dolphins.

Grade 9-12

Our Upper School students participate in numerous local field study trips such as those to meet with subject matter experts like recent trips to Southwest Airlines’ headquarters in Dallas and the flight museum in Fort Worth. Upper School students also have the opportunity to travel within the U.S., such as trips for competitions associated with rocketry, robotics, and Odyssey of the Mind. Students may also begin international travel. Past locations include the United Kingdom, London, Belize, France, Mexico, and more!