Strategic Plan 2021-2025 - The Clariden School

Our Approach

We are thrilled to share our 2021-2025 strategic plan with you. The plan is a result of a thorough review of our school, surrounding environment, and the current and projected educational landscape. We have gone to great lengths to seek input from stakeholders, analyze data objectively, and utilize the vision and wisdom of our faculty and staff.

The eight goals below serve the essence of the strategic plan and will guide us as we work to fulfill the Clariden mission, values, and vision. With our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, we seek to begin a new chapter in the acclaimed story of The Clariden School — a chapter in which Clariden and its students take a giant stride toward the pursuit of excellence.


Clariden’s mission is to offer next generation learning to a global community of independent thinkers by igniting curiosity, encouraging innovation, and discovering genius.


  • Voice of our students and others
  • Respect for self and others
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Global awareness and perspective
  • Excellence – Faculty, Staff, and Programming
  • Instilling in our students a love of learning


Clariden will be recognized as an exemplary S.T.E.A.M. school where students demonstrate academic excellence, global understanding, innovation, strong character, independent thinking, and readiness to thrive beyond Clariden.


Program Enrichment

Consistently provide exceptional curriculum and programming that prepares students to be academically strong, creative, innovative, and to have skills to adapt to a globally changing and competitive world.

Enrollment & Retention

Consistently achieve a high-quality, committed student body of 250 students with high annual retention. Define, protect, and communicate our value proposition and “Why Clariden?” clearly and consistently.

Financial Strength

Build programs, student outcomes, enrollment, and culture generating tuition sufficient to cover recurring annual expenses. Build a strong giving culture within our community to support our financial aid, capital campaigns, and build reserves.

Excellent Faculty

Recruit, compensate, develop, train, support, and retain a high-achieving, diverse faculty for our unique programs and culture. Recognize the excellence of our faculty and allow them sufficient time to teach and plan to generate the best student outcomes.

Community Engagement

Create a strong community that excels in philanthropy, communication, transparency, and in providing rich social experiences resulting in unity, trust, and community support. Create a culture of brand loyalty, instilling a long-term commitment to Clariden.

Strategic-Thinking Culture

Build a culture of continual focus on achieving our vision, consistent fulfillment of our mission and implementation of the strategic plan so that our students receive the best education available, encouraging innovation and adaptation along the way.

Modernize Facilities and Technology

Build and maintain facilities and technologies that are adequate in size and configuration to sustain and enhance Clariden’s educational programs, meet our brand promise and support a community of exceptional learners.
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Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Acceptance (IDEA)

Create and promote a school and community culture that is inclusive, diverse, equitable and accepting. Ensure programs are rich in global awareness and perspective as evidenced by our student outcomes.