Three Clariden Teams Were Named State Finalists at the 2020 Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament, held February 22, 2020, in Southlake, Texas. The State Finals are to be held in Houston in March. **Update — Due to COVID-19 the State Finals Are Being Rescheduled**

Clariden had 3 teams competing in this year’s Odyssey of the Mind Regional Tournament: 1 Middle School team and 2 High School teams.

Special Thanks for Team Coaches: Rissa Westerfield and Brady Warner

Congratulations on Fantastic Team Results:

  • 1st Place — Clariden’s High School team competed in Problem #1: Longshot. They took 1st place in their age group (Division III).
    • Team members: Coby, Ani, Danny, Damien, Alyssa, Sara, and Olivia
  • 2nd Place — Clariden’s High School team B competed in Problem #2: Net Working. They took 2nd place in their age group (Division III).
    • Team members: Praew, Benji, Grant, Kush, Olivia, and Alyssia
  • 3rd Place — Clariden’s Middle School team competed in Problem #1: Longshot. They took 3rd place in age group (Division II).
    • Team members: Taegan, Major, Ella, Keaton, Emily, Eduardo, and Cameron

For all official Odyssey of the Mind 2020 results, click here

Clariden’s High School Team – Problem #1 — Awarded 1st Place – Division III
Clariden’s High School Team — Problem #2 — Awarded 2nd Place – Division III
Clariden’s Middle School Team – Problem #1 — Awarded 3rd Place – Division II

Excerpts of the Problem Descriptions — Full descriptions can be found on the Odyssey of the Mind website

Problem 1: Longshot Solution
Divisions I, II & III
A group of “Longshots” believe a disastrous event that threatens the world is about to occur and must stop it. Because no one takes them seriously, it is up to the Longshots to solve the problem. To succeed they must send materials from all corners of the world using vehicles that overcome obstacles and travel simultaneously into and out of a Reaction Area. As time counts down the Longshots will use the components, including baking soda, to create a reaction that produces a very special effect and saves the day!”

Problem 2: Net Working
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Computers, satellites, and servers work continuously to allow people from all over the world to network with each other. These networks give us access to information including communications, messages, and videos. In this problem, the networked devices are characters who work to keep the world connected. During the performance, an image, a text message, an email and other information will be transmitted between locations in a team-made system. Pop-up advertisements appear and a malware character will infect the network and take it offline. An anti-virus hero comes to the rescue and team-made instruments will be used to present an original song that explains their jobs.”