USSSC 1st Place Winner 2019

Clariden’s middle school team was awarded 1st place at the United States Super STEM Competition (USSSC) for 2019. The team participated in the Clean Energy division where the goal was “to produce the fastest spinning wind turbine.” The middle school team included Grant Sears, Benji Weisser, Seth Hughes, and Major Roberts who won with a score of ​12.44V, which beat the 2018 winner’s score. The USSSC “is an educational non-profit organization running a yearly event to challenge the creative mind of all middle school, high school and college students.” The competition is open to both US and International students.

Competition Specs from the USSSC’s website:

​Goal: To produce the fastest spinning Wind Turbine

Turbine  must have a ⅛”diameter center hole 
Total diameter of turbine must be 16”+/-  1/2”

Judging Procedure:
*Based on recorded Voltage
Turbine will be carefully mounted to the 1/8″ diameter shaft of a USSSC DC Motor. Turbine  with attached motor will be secured in front of a 42” industrial fan. Judges will take voltage  readings with a digital multimeter for 1 minute and the turbine  recorded at the highest voltage  of all entries will be awarded Division Winner.