Clariden Wins 1st Place – Odyssey of the Mind

Sallie-Wells-headLetter from Head of School

We have accomplished some amazingly big things at Clariden for being a school of our size. While competing at the BEST competition several years back one of the judges said to me, “Clariden is the small school with big muscle. Your students are amazing”. Obviously, it’s not that our students literally have big muscles. They do, however, have this incredible ability to achieve. We have achieved at BEST (Boosting Engineering Science & Technology), at TARC (Team America Rocketry Challenge), and at the Verizon App Challenge, to name a few. Clariden students continually step up for each and every challenge, amazing us with their ability to compete, to present, to create, to problem solve, and to work as a team. They are smart and strong.

This weekend at the Odyssey of the Mind competition held at Carroll High School our Clariden Cougars took FIRST place. They did it again!

In April our Clariden Cougars will head to the State competition in Houston. Congratulations to Hannah, Caroline, Skyler, Taylor, Coby, Brandon, Nate and Coach Warner. You are indeed mighty smart and strong!


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