sidebannerWhen you were in high school, did you ever build a rocket that could shoot 825 feet in the air or enter a national contest to build a robotic arm?

Our students do.

When you enrolled your child in preschool or kindergarten, did you know why it’s important to see if your child can stack blocks horizontally?

Our staff does.

At The Clariden School of Southlake, we believe every student deserves a high-quality education that is consistent with the most current research surrounding child development.  Our programs are deliberately designed to bring out the best in students as they reach various maturation milestones.

Steeped in a tradition of offering “something different” that you won’t find in many large institutions of education, our curriculum experts develop programs that exceed state standards. In addition, we plan and design lessons that are exciting and interesting to students.  We do this intentionally with the unyielding belief that students of all ages should want to learn and grow academically.  We see the look on their faces when an “ah ha!” moment clicks. We know this reaction is not only possible, it is something to expect when students are involved in participatory lessons using Montessori methods and Project-based learning.

We also recognize the importance of GREAT educators and believe in the power of inspiration.  Our teachers challenge students in a supportive manner.  By promoting creativity and problem solving, we provide an environment that is safe, positive and engaging.  This allows us to focus on the development of each student respecting their uniqueness while preparing them for collegiate coursework.

Simply put, we believe that education should offer the “best of the best” to each and every student.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of an education at our school, call us. We would love to show you what our students are doing, how they are learning, and why we believe in being the best.