Ellie Cook

Clariden school cougar

The Clariden School community has been instrumental in helping my daughter develop to her fullest potential, not just academically, but also socially and physically. My daughter loves Mrs. Myers and the warm classroom family, and is actually disappointed on weekends when she doesn’t get to go to school when she wakes up! In the Cougar Prep Pre-school, she has enjoyed lots of indoor and outdoor play-based learning, where she has learned to cooperate with classmates, practiced being in leadership roles, and used tons of imagination, all while getting the movement that her growing body needs to be healthy. The project-based academic program teaches math and literacy skills in such an authentic way, my daughter didn’t even realize she had become a reader until I pointed out to her that she was reading and writing real words. I work in the field of education and see schools across the country striving to achieve what The Clariden School does so well.