Gift Giving Policy: Faculty /Staff Gifts and Special Occasions

The following is excerpted from the Clariden School Handbook 2020-21

“Faculty and staff members are not permitted to accept money or purchased gifts from students, parents, grandparents or other school community members. This includes outside of school parties, or any other type of celebration. However, faculty and staff members may accept a gift of words. An example of this type of gift would be a handwritten card, note or a homemade gift. The Head of School should be consulted, should questions arise around a permissible gift of words or homemade gift.

Each year parents are given the option to contribute a maximum of $100.00 to the Teacher Appreciation Fund, per child, for the school year. This fund is used to provide two gifts during the school year, one at the End of First Semester and one during Teacher Appreciation Week for each faculty and staff member.”

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