Healthy Bodies

Healthy Bodies

Healthy bodies fuel healthy minds. We work hard to make sure our students have plenty of opportunities to move their bodies, play together, work as a team together, and get the creative juices flowing. Physical activity and movement help release endorphins, reduce stress, and pump oxygenated blood to the brain for sharper problem-solving. We work healthy habits into our daily routines from the choices we offer on the hot lunch program, to the cleanliness lessons in the classroom, to the use of our 10,908 square foot full court gymnasium and 23 acres of outside space to run and play.

Recess Is Important

What’s the difference between short 10 minute recesses and Clariden’s longer recess? There is a lot of research that shows the significance of recess and why recess is important for healthy development. Few will argue with recess as the research is quite clear. But why a longer recess over shorter ones? There is significant research that supports the need for recess to be at least 30-45 minutes in length for children to have the greatest learning and developmental outcomes. Why – you ask? Well, let us ask you a question? When you engage in an activity how much time does it take for you to feel engaged? Our hunch is that it takes longer than 10 minutes. As children develop their play during recess, they must determine who to play with, what to play, negotiate roles within that play, create the environment to support the play (i.e. build a fort) and then develop and engage in the play. To get to a place of flow – takes time – according to research – 30-45 minutes. Children need this time to develop and act out the roles they have created. Ten minutes is simply not enough time to engage in play. The social learning outcomes are great when time allows for lengthy engagement. Children gain collaboration skills, build problem solving skills, learn to negotiate and enhance their creativity as they act out and engage in play. So yes, we believe in recess!

Physical Fitness

Smarter — Stronger

Students participate in a physical education program that promotes the building of smart brains and strong bodies. Focused on one’s overall well-being with the goal of promoting one’s health, students engage in a variety of sports related activities and games. Older students learn the fundamentals and skills necessary to play a variety of sports including flag football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, golf, tennis, soccer, etc. In addition to the learning of various sports, students engage in fun based games that promote coordination and physical fitness. With the goal of “all play”, students learn not only what it takes to be physically healthy but also what it means to be a healthy, contributing member of a team. As a part of the high school curriculum, students are required to take a course that focuses on health & well-being.

The State of Happiness — How About a Bit of Hygge?

Clariden believes that a rich learning environment is created through strong connections. We believe that happy classrooms create greater learning outcomes. Research tells us that children learn more when they are happy. At Clariden, we incorporate into our classrooms research from our friends in Denmark who actively practice Hygge. A bit of Hygge goes a long way in creating rich, happy experiences.