COVID-19 Response 03/19/20

Clariden Classes Resume Online Monday 3/23/20

Dear Clariden Community:


These are indeed challenging times for our world, our nation and our communities. Clariden, being a private school – Cougar Prep through high school, continues to follow the guidelines and requirements set by the CDC, our local health department, and our state and national levels of government. As of today, we are closed through April 3 per today’s announcement by Governor Abbott.  This includes our preschool program, as being a private school, we are governed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and our accreditation agency, Texas Association of Accredited Private Schools (TAAPS). We are not governed by the Texas Child Care Licensing Agency. These are very different governances with very different expectations and requirements. We align with the public schools, as they are governed by the Texas Education Agency (TEA), as we also are, and take direction, as we also do, from our local, state and national government agencies. That is why you see Clariden make the same decisions as the public schools, as it relates to safety and closures.


As a private school, education is our primary goal and during the closure of Clariden, we want our students (Cougar Prep through high school) to be able to continue to meet the grade level expectations as set down by the TEA and TAAPS. Our team has been working very hard this week to develop a virtual learning experience for our students (Pre-K through high school) so that they can continue to meet the requirements needed to move to their next grade level. We have developed school, not just a list of activities for students to do to keep them busy. What our team has developed assures that our students will have the knowledge that they need to move forward with success. Our remote learning environments will include face to face time with our teachers, as we know how important the teacher/student relationship is. Our virtual classrooms will also allow for students to interact with each other and their teacher.

Tools & Timeline:

  • At this point in time, we are not sure what the weeks to come will look like. We are, however, ready to continue with our virtual environments should our local, state or national levels of governance determine that it is in the best interest for the safety of our students, our families and our community for schools to remain closed.
  • To bring these learning environments on-line, we will be using
    • Google Classroom,
    • Google Hangouts,
    • Zoom
    • and a variety of on-line curriculum and resources for your child to work with and within.

Today 3/19:

  • You will be receiving a detailed e-mail this afternoon from Mrs. Krider for Cougar Prep through 5th grade families and an e-mail this afternoon from Mrs. Smith for all middle and high school students. These e-mails will give you detailed information on how the remote learning will happen.

Friday 3/20:

  • You will receive an e-mail from your child’s teacher, welcoming you to the virtual classroom and giving you information which you’ll need relative to the specifics for each class.

Saturday 3/21:

  • We will offer you and your child a time to practice getting on-line so that you’ll have the confidence you need to start on-line on Monday.


At Clariden, we value the connection between home and school. We know that many of you are juggling working from home; older students are helping out with younger children; and life as we once knew it is changing daily. In setting up our virtual environments, we have tried to consider all of this for both our families, who may have multiple children needing to do virtual school, and our teachers who are now juggling their own children’s needs.


This is a time for grace, a time for kindness, a time for us all to demonstrate our Cougar PRIDE. As we venture together, we ask that we all keep in mind that the goal is for our students, your children, to have the opportunity to continue to learn, to continue to meet the expectations for grade level so that they are ready for the next grade level. Open communication will be key and we will need your help in making sure that school is happening and that accountability is being met. The Clariden Team is all working and ready to help. Just let us know what you need. Here we go – March 23 – we enter the world of remote learning!
All my best – Sallie