COVID-19 Response 03/16/20

Dear Clariden Community:

I hope that all of you are safely home and well. I know we are all settling into a new norm. I just wanted to give you a quick update. I met this morning with the Clariden Team.

  • We are currently working remotely.
  • We are available to answer questions you may have so please reach out as you normally would.
  • All of us are doing our roles as we normally would – just virtually and remotely. The phone will still ring at Clariden.
  • Please leave us a message and we’ll connect with you.
  • We are currently working on forwarding incoming calls so this will get easier in the days to come.
  • E-mails will continue to be answered.
  • The Clariden Team is preparing their virtual classrooms over the next several days (many of them just returned from spring break so we need to give them time to get prepared).
  • Please look for more communication in the days to come.
  • We’re excited to reconnect with our students and to get the learning happening. Stay safe and well! – Sallie

Sallie Wells, M.S., CFLE

Head of School