COVID-19 Response 03/13/20

Temporary Closure of Clariden’s Campus

Dear Clariden Community:
I hope everyone is staying strong and healthy. This afternoon at 1:30 p.m. the Tarrant County Public Health Department issued a Declaration of Local Disaster due to a public health emergency. They have required all schools in Tarrant County to close for 14 days following the last day of their spring break. For Clariden that means that the earliest that students could be allowed to return to campus would be March 30th. The Health Department was clear on the fact that we don’t know what the situation will look like in two weeks but the hope is that as a community we can slow the spread of this virus.

Being that both safety and education are important to Clariden, the Clariden Team is evaluating our plan to launch remote learning so that we can assure that our students can continue to learn. Please look for more communication on this over the next week, as it is our goal to continue learning as quickly as possible. As educators, we know the impact of the “summer slide” and wish for our students to continue learning.
In addition to closing all schools in Tarrant County, the Tarrant County Public Health Department outlined specific requirements for us to practice to slow the spread of the coronavirus. These requirements include, but are not limited to:

  • 1) Holding no events over 250 people,
  • 2) recommended staying 6 feet away from others – this virus is spread through droplets,
  • 3) stay home if you are sick,
  • 4) work remotely if possible or stagger work shifts to limit number of people in office,
  • 5) strongly recommend that all non-essential travel be cancelled,
  • 6) encouraged churches to do sermons online,
  • 7) strongly encouraged social distancing and staying home,
  • 8) practicing good hygiene – hand washing, wiping down hard surfaces frequently. The complete list can be found on their website:—prevention/coronaviruas.html

I know that there is much to process, to prepare for and to try to plan for. The ever changing landscape in our country and in our county is changing drastically and we have a role in how this plays out for not only Tarrant County but for our nation. Please stay safe, healthy, and look for more communication from me next week. 

All my best to all of you! – Sallie

Sallie Wells, M.S., CFLE

Head of School