COVID-19 Response 03/09/20

Dear Clariden Community:
As media coverage continues relating to the coronavirus there is much to consider as it relates to keeping our community as safe as possible. The recording of positive cases and the impact of the virus is changing rapidly, creating a very fluid situation. The Clariden Board of Directors is currently seeking information from a variety of resources, including the local health department, CDC, the World Health Organization, and medical and legal experts. The Board and myself are currently reviewing recommendations from all of these sources. We want to communicate effectively relative to where we are time wise.
  • For example, sending a communication to collect travel information from our families today (as some public school districts have already done), at this point in time, could be premature as the virus is rapidly spreading and areas that may not be problematic today could be problematic by later this week.
  • There will be a communication to the Clariden community later this week outlining specifics that will be needed prior to us all returning to campus on March 16.
  • We are also establishing a protocol for visitors who visit our campus. This protocol will be communicated later this week.
  • We are working with vendors and Clariden’s legal team to determine what options are available as it relates to both the middle and high school trips. There will be a correspondence sent later this evening to the parents of our high school students that are scheduled to travel on March 17. High school parents with travelers, please look for that e-mail. Middle school parents, we will be communicating regarding the San Francisco trip once decisions are finalized.
  • Likewise, the Disney trip that our 4th and 5th grade is scheduled to attend in April is another trip that we will be making decisions regarding as more health information becomes available and decisions are made by the Clariden Board of Directors.
  • As far as competition travel goes, we are waiting to see what decisions competition leaders make. I’ve heard that some competitions happening within the field of education are going virtual. Other competitions are being postponed until further notice. We are waiting to hear news relating to the Odyssey of the Mind State Competition. We will communicate information once received.
  • The Clariden Teaching Team’s alternative instruction plan, in the event that schools are closed, is completed. We are in great shape to continue the learning for our students remotely in the event that closures are required.
  • As of today the Tarrant Public Health Department reported there are no confirmed cases in Tarrant county at this time. I am continuing to monitor activity.

I thank you all for your continued support and patience as we continue to connect with medical and legal experts, review information from health experts and organizations daily, and develop our safety procedures for our return to campus in a week. More to follow within the next couple of days. – Sallie    

Sallie Wells, M.S., CFLE

Head of School