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Category: Letter from Head of School

LawnMower Parent

What’s a Lawnmower Parent?

Most parents are familiar with the term “helicopter” parent. It’s been a term that’s been around for quite some time. The helicopter parent hovers over their child, taking on too much responsibility for their child’s experiences. It’s referred to as over-parenting. This type of parenting hinders a child’s development….

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Helicopter Parenting

Are you helicoptering? Last week my parenting class explored the topic of helicopter parents. There is a significant amount of research that states the negative impact helicopter parenting has on a child’s development. The research states that children raised by parents that heavily helicopter lack the following: 1. Grit…

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2018 Art Show & Auction

One of our new families asked me the other day what’s the Art Show and Auction. I think the best explanation is that the Art Show and Auction is a wonderful evening celebrating our students’ incredible art, enjoying great food, drink, fun casino games, time with family and friends…

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Curriculum That Connects Grade-to-Grade

1. Clariden offers across all grade levels content time (these are core subjects – Math, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science). During content time students are given lessons on certain concepts and then given practice problems or work that re-enforces the concepts/skills taught. Skills taught by grade level are…

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A Lesson In Netiquette

A Lesson In Netiquette! Last week I wrote about the significance of Social Emotional Learning and how it benefits students’ development. This week I’ve decided to share a lesson that Mrs. Krider did with our 6th grade students on “Netiquette”. After a discussion on what etiquette is and why…

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Taking Big Risks

Big Risks

When you think about it, most things we take on in life are project based. Planning an event, cleaning out the closet, renovating/decorating your home, taking a trip/vacation are all projects. Within the Clariden environment our students take on projects every 4-6 weeks. Some projects are STEAM oriented and…

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College Ready?

I was doing some research the other day on the SAT that is used for college admissions. One of the data points, stated “the average SAT score by school type”. I knew that students that attend private schools do better on the SAT than students who attend public school…

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