2022-2023 School Year

The Clariden School is proud to offer need-based tuition assistance to qualifying students. Decisions regarding Tuition Assistance are made by Clariden on the basis of a family’s demonstrated need and the availability of funds from the school. Such need is defined as the difference between the schools’ tuition and what the family can reasonably contribute.

Clariden has partnered with School and Student Services (SSS), a third-party service, to help analyze a family’s need for aid. This service provides schools with information and guidelines for making tuition assistance awards equitably.

To begin your Tuition Assistance application, you will complete the SSS Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). The PFS is the cornerstone of our financial aid application process. By submitting a PFS, you’re granting SSS permission to analyze your financial information. Using their unique methodology, they estimate the amount you can contribute to school expenses and forward that estimate to the appropriate schools. It’s one form, for one fee, for any number of applicant children, for any number of schools.

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How to Apply

Go to www.solutionsbysss.comand create a new user account or login with your credentials if you are an existing user to begin your application process.  The Clariden School code is 3680.

  • Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS). All items on the application must be answered.  Please include a written explanation of any unusual circumstances that have affected your family’s financial situation this year that you would like Clariden to consider.
  • Upon submitting your PFS, the required forms listed below may be uploaded to the SSS portal on your MY DOCUMENTS page.  An option to mail your documents directly to SSS is available but may delay the processing of your application.  The Cover Sheet provided in the SSS portal should be included, if mailing.
  • Copy of the 2020 signed Income Tax Return (including all related schedules such as Schedule A, C, E, etc.). All families applying for aid for the first time should submit tax returns for the current year and the prior year.
  • Copies of 2020 W-2 and/or 1099s.
  • Monthly Income and Expense Report, signed by both parents.
  • A copy of all parents’ most recent pay check/check stub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Because a family’s financial situation may change from year to year, the committee requires all current Tuition Assistance recipients to reapply each year. Awards may be adjusted if a family’s financial circumstances change significantly.

The non-refundable application fee is $55.00. There is a fee waiver available for families who meet the criteria for the federal free and reduced-price lunch program.

If a family qualifies, when they click the Pay Now button on the application, their payment is automatically waived. If the family does not qualify, the payment screen is shown with the option to enter payment by credit card or echeck/ACH. A family cannot request a waiver from within their Family Portal account.

Clariden does not offer an application fee waiver for our admissions application.

Families who have students entering Prekindergarten through Grade 12 may apply.

We will communicate our Tuition Assistance decision to you directly. To make our decision, we use the information from the PFS as a starting point, and we also consider our school policies, practices, and available budget.

If you do not receive Tuition Assistance with your initial application, you should not expect to receive it in future years unless your family financial circumstances change.

If you do not have your 2021 tax return, complete the PFS using your most recent tax return. When the requested tax forms arrive, such as W2s or 1040s, log back in and upload them (if required) by the deadline. We also recommend that you review the wide range of materials that SSS has put together to help families with their financial aid process. They are found at www.solutionsbysss.com

Tuition Assistance applications are reviewed annually. If things change and a family has an unexpected circumstance (job loss, divorce, death in family, etc.) we review each case on an individual basis and, budget permitting, adjust accordingly. Likewise, we will decrease grants when families have a change in circumstance that allows for an increase in disposable income.

Criteria on which SSS determines a family’s need for assistance are:

  • family’s income
  • family’s assets
  • family’s liabilities
  • unusual expenses
  • family size
  • retirement needs
  • number of children attending tuition-charging schools

When making Tuition Assistance decisions, Clariden takes into consideration the financial resources of both parents, regardless of their marital status.

Applying for Tuition Assistance has no effect on a student’s application for admission to Clariden. Admission decisions are based on the student’s qualifications. An applicant is initially accepted for enrollment and then the family’s application for aid is considered.

The Clariden School does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, political and social values, culture, religion, physical ability, family structure, or learning style in its administration of admission, financial aid, availability of program, and hiring practices.