The Significance of Creativity

Sallie-Wells-headLetter from Head of School

The National Association for the Education of Young Children just put out a new publication titled, ”

Nurturing Creativity – An Essential Mindset for Young Children’s Learning”, which encourages educators to provide opportunities for students to be creative, to explore, discover, innovate and create. As experts and business leaders identify the essential skills needed within the workforce, they promote the need for children to be creative thinkers, to be flexible, to be problem solvers and innovative creators. Let’s take a closer look at why these elements are essential:
  1. Experts and business leaders recognize that students need to be creative thinkers who can handle complex, abstract issues as the world and marketplace is quickly changing.
  2. Students need to acquire the ability to be flexible so that they can adjust to a world filled with technology, with increased amounts of information, and with individuals who are diverse.
  3. Students need to be able to problem solve and confident in their ability to take on both opportunities and challenges.
  4. Students need to be innovative thinkers, as the need for ideas that are innovative in both design and capability are highly desired within the marketplace.

Students need learning environments that promote creativity, individuality, innovation and that enhance a child’s innate curiosity. Learning environments that promote the use of technology, encourage flexibility and provide students with challenges are essential to promoting the skills students need for future success. School needs to look, feel and act very differently from the industrial designed bell system schools that most children attend.It’s important as parents and educators that we ask ourselves if our children, our students are in a learning environment that is best preparing them for their future. Does their learning environment give them the time to develop their creative abilities? Creativity takes time. Students need time to plan, prepare, think and let ideas incubate prior to creation.
Clariden definitely values creativity. Our learning environment is based upon our mission, which strongly promotes the skills that business leaders and experts have identified as being essential.


Clariden‘s Mission Statement:
“We offer next generation learning to a global community of independent thinkers by igniting curiosity, encouraging innovation, and discovering genius.”

If you haven’t heard of Sir Ken Robinson, I strongly encourage you to view his Ted Talk – Do Schools Kill Creativity?  Click here to watch Ken Robinson Ted Talk – Do Schools Kill Creativity? Sir Robinson echoes the need for schools to transform their learning environments to promote creativity. Not an easy task for learning institutions that are restricted and required to “teach to a test”. Easy for Clariden where creativity flourishes and our students never cease to amaze us with their creative ability.


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