Cougar Middle and High School 6-12

2015 National Finalists Team America Rocketry Challenge (TARC)

 Cougar Middle School 6-8

  • Grades: 6th grade through 8th grade
  • Admissions Dates: Rolling admissions throughout the year.
  • Times: 8:15-3:30 Monday through Friday
  • Admissions Requirements: Student records, interview and full day visit.  ($175 application fee due when application is submitted.) Previous school and test records must be submitted as well.

Cougar High School 9-12

  • Grades: 9th grade through 12th grade
  • Admissions Dates: Students may join the program at the beginning of the fall or spring semester only.
  • Times: 8:15-3:30 Monday through Friday
  • Admissions Requirements: Student records/interview and full day visit.($175 application fee due when application is submitted.) Previous school and test records must be submitted as well.

Graduation Requirements:  All high school students must complete the performance competencies and standards as required by the Texas Education Agency (TEA).  Graduation requirements from The Clariden School include:

  • Four credits of Language Arts
  • Four credits of Mathematics
  • Four credits of History/ Social Studies/ Government
  • Four credits of Science
  • Three credits of Foreign Language
  • One credit of Physical Education
  • One credit of Fine Arts
  • One credit of Technology
  • Half a credit of Health
  • Half a credit of Communication Applications
  • Three credits of Elective Courses
  • Total credits of 26


2014-2015 SAT Averages

Clariden Average SAT: 1640

Texas Average SAT: 1432

National Average SAT: 1497

2014-2015 ACT Averages

Clariden Average ACT: 23.5

Texas Average ACT: 20.9

National Average ACT: 21

At The Clariden School, we believe that preparation for college begins early.  Content necessary for success on college admissions tests, such as the SAT/ACT, are taught throughout the student’s academic career. Projects are designed and classes structured to work on practicing necessary skills across all content areas.

Projects: Students work on a total of 7 projects throughout the school year. Projects incorporate content areas and range in scope from STEM/STEAM projects such as robotics and rocketry to literature and history based projects. All projects begin with an inquiry question and have real life application. Projects meet and exceed state standards aligning with TEKS. Each project ends with a presentation of learning (POL) where students present what they have learned to a panel of experts.

Examples of Projects:

  1. Robotics: Students enter a competition to build a robot in order to achieve specific competition goals. Past competitions have been BEST (Boosting Engineering Science and Technology) challenges.
  2. Book Embargo: Students explore the inquiry question “What is a book?” and study literature throughout history, book banning, political aspects surrounding literature, various forms of literature and book binding. They write their own book and present it to a panel of authors.
  3. Entrepreneur Project: Students determine a need, create a prototype, complete a business plan and sell their product to a panel of entrepreneurs.

Class Credit: Clariden is fully accredited through the Texas Association of Accredited Private Schools (TAAPS). Students earn high school credit with project work time and content time. Concepts and skills learned during content time are applied during project work time. All subjects, including by not limited to, Math, Science, History, English, Foreign Language, and Technology are examined and studied during content time.

Experts and Mentors: In addition to the highly qualified educators on staff at Clariden, students learn from a variety of field experts, mentors and professors from area businesses and universities. Faculty and administration know the benefit of advanced learning that happens outside the school walls so students engage in numerous field studies. Some examples of field study include travel to UNT or UT Dallas to work with professors who are experts in their fields while utilizing the campus resources.

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