Let’s Get GRIT

Sallie-Wells-headLetter from Head of School
Many thanks to all the Clariden educators and parents that joined us for our first Cougar U where we learned about the significance of GRIT. Having GRIT has been determined as a key factor in a child having success not just in school but in life.

Angela Duckworth (author of GRIT – The Power of Passion & Perseverance) and professor at the University of Pennsylvania studies the significance of GRIT and knows first hand from her work with students how being “gritty” can significantly affect one’s ability to succeed. Her work has even gotten the attention of the corporate world with many executives exploring her research and actually employing individuals based on the elements of GRIT.

So what are the elements of GRIT? In a nutshell, GRIT is comprised of four basic elements: 1) Guts, 2) Resilience, 3) Initiative, and 4) Tenacity. Instilling and nurturing these four elements in children is no small feat. During Cougar U we broke down each element and discussed what each of these aspects of GRIT look like in children and how to encourage these aspects of GRIT.

At Clariden, we consider GRIT when developing our curriculum. We know that getting up in front of a group and speaking requires “Guts”. We know that building something one has never built before whether it’s a rocket or a bridge takes initiative and tenacity, as one’s first design is seldom ever one’s best design. We know that working with a group is hard, really hard, and that it takes the ability to bounce back and continue to contribute – that’s resilience. Gaining and practicing the elements of GRIT is easy at Clariden. It’s embedded within our curriculum and a significant part of our day.

So you might be asking yourself: I wonder how “gritty” I am.
If you’re curious – – – Take a few minutes and take Dr. Duckworth’s assessment on GRIT. Click here to take the grit test. But please don’t have your Clariden middle or high school student do the assessment. They’ll be taking it at school. We also believe at Clariden that it’s important to teach our students about such things as GRIT. It helps them better understand themselves and their behaviors.

As Dr. Duckworth states, “Grit is sticking with your future day in, day out and not just for the week, not just for the month but for years.” So, let’s be “gritty”.

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