Importance of Arts in Education

Sallie-Wells-headLetter from Head of School
Last weekend as I was researching, I went down a rabbit hole and came across a book called, The Muses Go To School”. Interesting right? This book has inspiring stories by such people as Whoopi Goldberg and emphasizes the importance of the Arts in Education.

As I flipped through the online version, I realized that so much of what was being stated aligned not only with my own thoughts but more importantly with research stating that for future career success, students must be creative, be able to problem solve for problems they’ve never encountered before, and be able to synthesize information and critically analyze it. Herbert Kohl, author of the preface for this books states:

“What is important …is that studying art is empowering whether one becomes an artist or not. It develops imaginative problem-solving skills, boldness, an understanding of the planning and execution of creative work, a spirit of independence and entrepreneurship, experience with disciplined and hard work, and, finally the deep satisfaction of being able to use your mind and skills to produce results you honor and are willing to risk putting out in public.

The arts are not just for people who become artists. They are integral to the development of self-confidence, character, creativity, a capacity to deal with the tragicomic nature of life, and, fundamentally, the capacity to reach deep into yourself and draw upon your own inner strengths to solve problems in difficult times.”

So the next time, your child says they don’t like Art class, reassure them that they are learning more than just how to paint, or draw, they are learning how to problem solve, how to be imaginative and creative – to be bold.

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