Project-Based Learning = Hands-On Learning

Thank you for your interest in The Clariden School of Southlake. Our small class sizes provide the opportunity for big learning experiences. Our 4th/5th grade elementary students got the experience of a life-time.

In their 6-week project titled “Gravity” they studied the foundations of roller coaster design: from the physics and construction to the experiential design.

  • They built & tested computer-generated designs and physical prototypes.
  • They drew storyboards, recorded soundtracks, and decided on lighting.
  • They learned the elements of branding and marketing their ride.
  • When they were finished, they traveled to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, for behind-the-scenes classes and access to how it all works.

Don’t you wish all school was this much fun?

The Clariden School provides a rigorous academic program for college bound students.  Accepting students from three years of age through high school, we stand apart from other academic institutions by offering project-based learning in all core subject areas promoting flexibility in lessons to engage student interest.


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Spring 2016 4th / 5th Grade Trip to Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida