Your Child’s Relo Experts


We understand that relocating can be a scary and exciting time for a child. Our project-based learning (PBL) environment  engages students immediately into the academic environment. As students work to meet the academic goals and challenges of the project, they are engaged in collaboration with their peers. Clariden’s PBL environment is not only academically challenging but it fosters relationships and connectedness- all significantly essential to a student’s transition to a new environment.”

Sallie Wells, M.S., CFLE, Head of School

  • Your relocation team or real estate agent helps you adjust to your move. Clariden ensures your child gets the same attention.


  • Offering unmatched educational experience for your child and your family.


  • Small classes and engaging curriculum enable your child to quickly find a role in which they can contribute with confidence and connect socially.
  • Large community of relocated families who have moved to the area from across the U.S. and International. Our staff, parents, and students understand the challenges and how to make it a smooth transition for your whole family.


  • Academic excellence and nationally recognized assessment tools provide for an easily transferrable transcript. No academic ceiling. Project-based learning enables hands-on interaction and contribution.